June 2014 Beer Club -- Rising Tide MITA, Peak Organic Summer Session, Cambridge Flower Child IPA, Founders All Day IPA, Sierra Nevada Summerfest & Central City Red Betty ISA

Consider this your seasonal prep course: a killer selection of summer-ready session brews in cans. These sessionable ales are made to beat the heat and packaged just right for long afternoon barbeques or your next trek to camp.

Let’s start local with a couple of Maine brews. Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale is an American ale with a bold citrus and pine hop body and a bright malty balance. This seasonal brew is only available in Maine. Peak Organic Summer Session Ale is a traditional summery wheat beer with the flair of a West Coast-style pale ale. Locally grown wheat and a citrusy dry-hopped aroma make this beer a great warm-weather choice, on its own or with seafood or spicier dishes.

Next, let’s move on to a couple of solid session India Pale Ales. From Massachusetts, Cambridge Flower Child IPA: a classic American IPA that’s been hopped and dry-hopped with a ton of hop variety, making a big floral beer with just the right malt balance. From Michigan, Founders All Day IPA, which lives up to its name: low ABV plus big flavor, ready for those long lazy summer days. This beer has a complex array of malt, grain and hop and is deliciously aromatic and balanced.

To round out our collection are two final session picks: Sierra Nevada Summerfest and Central City Red Betty ISA. The first is a crisp summer lager from California with a complex malt profile and a spicy, floral hop character, a perfect pairing with grilled chicken or a summer salad. The second, brewed in Canada, is an India-style session ale with a crisp palate and a well-balanced bitter finish.

What are you waiting for? Beer is in session!